Friday, December 23, 2011

Recent Happenings

 Oh how I love being back in good ole' Arizona. 
It has seriously been filled with fun everyday. Every minute. 

It feels a little weird though cause none of our "guys" are home {they are all on missions}. I went and visited their families throughout the past couple days. Oh what wonderful people. 
Don't you worry though! Even though they are gone and missed we are happy and surviving. 
{I didn't know if it was possible.... it is} 

Yesterday I went Ice Skating with these two cuties. 
Branson and Maisy seriously crack me up so hard. It was so fun. I just LOVE them. 

Right after iceskating I met up with these loverlys and we went to the Suns game. 
We got killed.... but thats okay cause I  honestly coundn't care less who won. I just like being there.

Fun times. 

Well I will try and keep this little baby up to date better. 
Right now I am off to lunch and the movies. YIPPIE. 

P.S Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I am failing at the whole getting everyones presents thing. I keep meaning to do it but then stuff comes up, I get distracted and another day goes by hA..... I am going to do it TODAY though. Maybe. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Thanksgiving Post!

The past week was spent with these wonderful people right here.

I love being around my family! 
With 30 plus people sleeping under one roof there was always FUN stuff happening. 

The days were filled with:

 LOTS of sports. 
Football, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee. You name it! 
My family is DANG athletic.. everyone that is except for me. 
So I spent most the time on the sidelines watching after a few to many points were lost cause of me! HA 

Just hanging out talking and watching movies. 

This is a new found little hobby for me.  
My cousin Robbie got me into it and we spent several hours searching for hidden "treasures." 
Holy addicting. 
I even bought the app. so now I am going to go pro :)

I swear there was not one moment where food was not present. I was never hungry when meals came around because there were snacks constantly surrounding us. The food was dang good though and the adults did all the cooking and cleaning which was a major plus. 

 Bike rides and hanging outside in the BEAUTIFUL California weather. 

Simply spending time with these guys! 

Having constant entertainment from this guy. 

 Being with my brother. I hadn't seen him for 11 months. I was one happy girl! 

Late nights and little sleep.

We also went shopping on Black Friday. Of Course. 
My brother, three of my cousins and I all went at midnight and it was insane! 

Shot off fireworks in celebration of Thanksgiving? 

I took two of my cousins senior pictures! Aren't they precious? 

Overall it was a wonderful time. I am so beyond thankful for my wonderful family and the opportunities we have to be together.

Now I am back in good ole Maine. I was welcomed in with lots of snow and studying left to do.
Only two more weeks of classes left to go though. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rainy Days

I am currently in a state of ultra-relaxation.  
I told myself at 8:30 I HAD to go to the Union to study... but then right at 8:30 on the dot it started pouring. 
I think thats a sign that I was not suppose to go right? 
Thus I am all snuggled up in my warm, cozy room, have some delicious treats I bought today at the apple orchard's little store, and am ready to hit the books right here... well at least try too. I feel like my body is in a coma and I am loving every second of it.  

Well.. thats all. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Well going off the whole "Daybook" thing I decided to make my own little Awkward and awesome for the week. The first full week of school that is :) So this probably wont be that great but hey... its procrastination from doing work, so all is well. 
  • Running 6 miles in the rain, then going straight to class all soaking wet. Let me tell you.. sitting in class for three hours with soaking wet socks, clothes and hair is basically the DEFINITION of fun. Not to mention the fact that you smell like a wet dog to everyone around you, and look like one too. hA.
  • Falling off your bike while trying to carry your sleeping bag, and other camping stuff. {cue applause now}Then trying to make it look like it was on purpose.. Yeah. Let me tell you, doesn't look even MORE dumb.
  • The 30 seconds {that feel like FOREVER} in which you sit at dinner alone because you got your food faster then your friend. Trying to decide if you should walk back up to pretend to grab one more thing or just sit there like a loser. I am telling you people EVERY TIME this goes through my head of what to do. Tonight... I just sat like a loser. 
  • Calling your dad and once again having someone else answer the phone... after repeatedly telling him not to have strangers answer his phone. This time it was just another hitch hiker he picked up and drove with for two hours. Then me awkwardly not knowing what to say.. "uh.. so you having a fun time with my dad?"
  • Watching a drunk boy throw up, while locking up my bike. Seriously it was like Niagara Falls coming out that boys mouth. {sorry if that was T.M.I. I just wanted to paint a clear picture} Once again I am questioned with do I go help him? Cause his friends surly aren't. Or do I follow their lead and let him be?? I am telling you people, these are things I can go without seeing. 
  • Going to the gym then eating three cookies right after. Come on Amy. Get your act together.. Yo Fat is not going to eat itself.... if only though. Cause that would be SWEET!
  • Losing my "One Card" for the second time in a week. 
  • Finding my "One Card" in the middle of the street. After a brief moment of panic and retracing my steps of course. 
  • Getting a package with Paradise Bakery Cookies, a letter from Jackson and Alex and Abbie's wedding Invitation all in the same day :) 
  • Speaking of Weddings.. Bree and Stewart are getting Married TODAY. Chelsea and Trent are getting married next week and Alex and Abbie the week after! Oh goodness. I am sad to be missing them all but SO flippin excited for them. LOVE IS IN THE AIR my friends. 
  • The fact that no matter where you cross, cars ALWAYS stop for you whenever you need to cross the road.... I may or may not, take advantage of this a wee little bit.. I just like crossing the street. 
  • Having my own bathroom!!! YEAHHHHH {Crowd goes crazy with excitement} Can i just tell you that one role of toilet paper can last A LOONNGGG time for just one person. Who would have thought?
  • My friend Clare yelling HI to me out the window of an apartment. I don't know why... there is just something about yelling out windows that makes me excited. When I have a house one day I am going to yell at everyone that passes by. {I have a feeling I am going to embarrass my kids a lot too} hA. 
  • The fact that tomorrow is Sunday, which means I get to skype McKenzie! {Even though I communicate with her everyday.. Skype means I get to look at that beaUTIFUL face of hers} along with my other jolly AZ friends.
  • That I absolutely LOVE my job working at the daycare. Cutest little nuggets ever.
  • That life is FREAKING WONDERFUL 

Kinda Obsessed

I am one to become obsessed with things... it can beANYTHING. 
People, blogs, subjects, books, pictures, you name it. 
Anywho I am a little obsessed with Pintrest right now and am basically have to look at every free moment I have. 
I can't wait to have my own cute little house all clean and decorated. 
Just makes me want to be all crafty and stuff. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

We went Camping.

Welp. I have been in Maine exactly one week...
but i must say in some ways if feels way longer. 

My room is all put together and done. Classes are going well. {I have only been to two thus far though} and Cross Country is just great. {Except I am by far the slowest on the team. Just trying to help boost other peoples running confidence ya know? hA } It has been so fun seeing everyone though and catching up on all the neat adventures they have embarked on over our 3 months away. 

So this weekend our cross country team once again went on a overnight trip to our Coach's camp. 
This little beauty right here. 
{This picture was taken at 6am this morning as the sun was rising} 

On the way there we stopped at Pineland to do a nice hour or so run. 

Once at the camp we went swimming and kayaked, played dodgeball, ate dinner, and had some Hurricane Irene clean up. {Picking up fallen branches and such} Then we gathered around a lovely bonfire while the whole team sang songs and ate smore's. Of course what kind of campout would it be without entertainment by the lovely freshmen? Complete with singing, dancing, and eating powdered donuts off of a string. So happy thats not me anymore :) 
{The girls team}
{The campsite} 
{Sleeping on the beach}

Overall it was a pretty fun weekend. Lets see what the next ones will bring. 

i like this.

"Today, while I was driving my grandfather to his doctor’s appointment, I complained about hitting 2 red lights in a row. My grandfather chuckled and said, “You always complain about the red lights, but you never celebrate the green ones.""

Need to start celebrating the "green" one more.